My Tether for Palm Pre

Features (version 2.1.2)

* Allows you to share your O2 UK, and Sprint 3G from your Pre to your computer, iPod Touch or other WiFI devices.
* WiFi network name & WAP key customization options
* Makes your Pre into a MiFi-like Mobile HotSpot at your convenience to share your 3G connection.

* Converts Palm Pre into a Wireless Network adapter by letting you share the WiFi connection on the Pre instead of your 3G when tethering over Bluetooth or USB.
* Network usage graphs and total data usage for the session
* Reported to work with iTouch/iPhone, PS3, Xbox 360, Eye-Fi, and will probably work with your WiFI device!
* Ability to turn off the LCD without putting your device into sleep mode.
* Convenience features such as restoring the old WiFi connection when tethering is disabled, prompts to take care of pre-requesties to tethering, remembering settings and last tether options, restoring modifications to settings back to original value upon exit, and many more to list.

This version of My Tether doesn't require any patching, just install and go! No longer an adhoc network, the WiFi broadcast signal is now the same as your home router!



My Tether allows you make your Pre into an WiFi hotspot to share your EVDO connection, as well share your EVDO or WiFi connection to tether over USB, or Bluetooth PAN. My Tether is your portable, wireless Wi-Fi hotspot to use your wireless network to power your iPad, notebook, computer, XBox, or PDAs.

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Installing USBNet Drivers on Windows:
If you're using USB tethering, you will need to install the usb network drivers on your machine. Instructions are here: pre dev wiki: USBnet networking setup

These USBNet Drivers instructions are also very good.

Instructions for USB Tethering on Vista and Windows 7 by mu7efcer
1. On Pre: in the My Tether program turn on usbnet.
2. Reboot Pre and open My Tether again and turn on DHCP
3. Plug in Pre to USB on Vista/Windows 7
4. In wizard that comes up asking for driver software, I chose ignore.
5. Then I went into the device manager, by right clicking on "My Computer" and selecting "Manage", then clicking on "Device Manager"
6. There was a device called "USB Ethernet Gadget". I right clicked on it and selected "Update Driver Software..."
7. In the wizard that came up, I clicked "Browse my computer for driver software"
8. In the next page, I clicked "Let me pick from a list of deice drivers on my computer"
9. It asked me to pick a type of hardware. I chose "Network Adapter"
10. Under "Manufacturer", I chose "Microsoft Corporation". (Note: this is not the same as "Microsoft")
11. In "Network Adapter", I chose "Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device.
12. Then I clicked Next.

Bluetooth Tethering
The report is that after you enable USB Tethering in My Tether, you can pair your machine to the Pre using Bluetooth PAN and tethering will work over Bluetooth.

Nttdemented's experience with Bluetooth -- For it to work over BT all I had to do was toggle it on (let it do its thing and reset) pair my netbook (running Win7) to the Phone and then join the computer to the BT PAN network of the Pre and I was golden.